In the UK we have ever increasing concerns with diabetes, obesity, and a general lack of fitness throughout all age groups and gender.

To try to help the fitness levels John McNulty has brought this low cost set up game of Road Tennis to the UK.

John fully understands all the racquet games together with the health and general well being benefits associated with playing sport after being a County Badminton player for several decades.

John was also a main board director and CEO of a professional football club stating “Sport is in my blood”

flag_of_barbados-svgRoad Tennis originates from Barbados and is currently played at professional level throughout the Island. (Video on the history can be found here).

It is great fun and offers brilliant fitness workout.

Once you have served you can use the whole court (similar to lawn tennis). This makes the game safe for all age groups, people with learning difficulties and is wheelchair friendly.

It is great fun and offers a brilliant fitness workout.

Whilst it is called road tennis it can be played on any preferably hard non slip surface outdoors or indoors, i.e. sports halls, community centres, school playgrounds, gardens and even on board cruise liners etc. It can be played as a singles or doubles game.

The court footprint measures 6m x 3m with an extra service area of 1m at each end.

The rules are basically the same as table tennis so it is a very fast and skilful low game with little set up costs, using paddle bats and a 200mm (8 inches) high timber net.

The special road tennis ball has been designed and manufactured by a leading South West company. The bats and timber net are also from the South West offering a low carbon footprint.

Why not start a local group or club? Why not get in touch with us at john@roadtennisuk.co.uk.